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talk Courses

Gaining confidence when speaking English is at the heart of talk language school.
I offer three different classes, all aimed at supporting you to reach this goal.

Beginners to advanced


Take your English to the next level by increasing your fluency and confidence in speaking

Beginners to advanced classes allow you to experience English conversation in a way you have not encountered in the classroom before. Lessons are interesting and engaging and don’t just rely on the traditional textbook style of learning.

  • Challenge your English ability with themed discussions, burning topics or current affairs

  • Exchange ideas and opinions in a comfortable and safe environment

  • Expand your vocabulary and grammar with words phrases and structures relevant to the theme of the lesson


Private lesson: CHF 100 / 60 minutes

2 students        CHF 50 /  60 minutes
3 students        CHF 45 / 90 minutes
4-5 students     CHF 35 / 90 minutes
6+ students      CHF 30 / 90 minutes

Individual coaching for Professional Women

Being a strong speaker builds self-confidence and brings respect

In today’s working world, there is no denying that women are rising in professional and leadership roles at a faster pace than ever before. Coming from a professional background, I understand how intimidating it can be to speak in a business environment.


If you doubt your ability to speak with confidence in the workplace, this is for you. Lessons are customised taking into account your individual needs and goals. I coach you to speak convincingly and with authority in various professional scenarios:

  • speaking in front of an audience

  • giving presentations

  • negotiating

  • business conversation and small talk

  • telephoning and writing emails



Private lesson: CHF 100 / 60 minutes


Discussion groups for advanced speakers

Strengthen your vocabulary through engaging conversation and get a new perspective on the world around us

Join a group with engaged people. Challenge yourself with thought-provoking discussions about the state of the world we live in today.


Over eight, 90-minute sessions, you will be provided with material designed to promote the exchange of ideas, thoughts and opinions in a comfortable and safe environment.

Cost: CHF 280 for 8 sessions

For a maximum of 8 people

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